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Truth about this Church to respond to lies and false information circulated about us.

We are the original Church - and original corporation. There are a number of liars in the independent movement who claim to be us, claim to have our lines, and who claim that the 1927 Charter issued to us by the Russian Orthodox Synod (Moscow Patriarchate) is theirs. By visiting our website you can see documentation of who we are and many legal documents and letters proving who we are. We have a court judgment from 2004 for defamation in the name of the Church. We have a letter from a Roman Catholic diocese posted and below the letter we mention one of the former clergy was accepted into the Episcopal Church (Anglican Communion) without re-ordination. Such claims by independents would be hard to prove. Ours are simple to prove.

1. THEOCACNA was canonically established, chartered in 1927

2. We continue today as the same canonically established Church

3. We are Orthodox

a. Mainly Western Rite

b. Also offer Eastern Rite services as shown on the website

c. We follow Holy Scripture, Orthodox Canons (Rudder) and Orthodox Tradition.

4. We are an 80 year old Church and next year will be an 80 year old Church corporation that has never ceased to exist.

note: From the Church files FYI -

Archbishop Ofiesh of Blessed Memory never fully retired and remained the head of this Church until his death in 1966.

Bp. Sophronius died in 1934 and later it has been reported in 1940

Bp. Ignatius left in 1934, married and became a protestant pastor. All acts he preformed later were without a mandate or the approval of this Church.

Bp. Zuk left in 1933 to head the Ukrainian Church and died shortly after.

The only Synod member to survive any length of time was Archbishop Ofiesh. We view the facts as this.

Abp. Ofiesh acted contrary to the canons, and wanted a tribunal but it was never called.

No synod could canonically act against him without the tribunal. Therefore, no decree could be canonically issued against him.

Abp. Ofiesh claimed, in the newspapers, that GOD TOLD HIM TO MARRY! No synod, especially without the tribunal, could deny his claim without confronting him. Since Holy Scripture states a Bishop could and should marry and the Canons are man made Church law without a tribunal Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh of Blessed Memory was not outside the Church, deposed or excommunicated after his marriage or at the time of his death.

Abp. Ofiesh did not violate the canons when he married. He violated the canons only as they pertained to other ethnic orthodox jurisdictions who had adopted the canon of celibate bishops. As the Orthodox priest Stanley Harakas writes in "The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers" not all Orthodox Churches adopted that canon and it can be changed at anytime. According to the writers on Orthodoxwiki Bishops Joseph and Ignatius stated that the canon on married bishops was a Euopean and Asiatic canon that had no bearing on the American Church. Bishop Sophronius congratulated Abp. Ofiesha and his bride on their marriage.

No Synod or Patriarch could canonically take over this Church or close it down since it was Chartered by the Synod with Patriarchal approval, and the Charter and constitution were approved by Abp. Platon, later Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow).

Continued defamation of this Church and clergy, living and dead, must cease. Continued attacks only prove how unchristian the Ecumenical Patriarch is today to allow such attacks and to show he has no intention of correcting or ending the Schism his predecessor caused.

By Father Paul, Secretary,

for the North American Holy Synod
American Orthodox Patriarchate (2003)
Corporate name:
The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and
Apostolic Church in North America, Inc.
[Chartered Feb. 2, 1927]
Short name:
American Orthodox Catholic Church