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Authority regarding a Schism

Canon XI of the 85c.

If anyone who is a clergyman pray in company with a deposed clergyman, he shall be deposed too.

Canon XLV of the 85 Canons

Let any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon that merely joins in prayer with heretics be suspended but if he has permitted them to perform any service as Clergyman, let him be deposed from office.

In part the concord reads: Neither must one pray in conjunction with heretics or schismatics, according to its thirty-third canon.

Canon 96 of the 141c

States in part that "even when a Bishop is under charges and excommunication, he must not be ousted from his episcopate or deposed from office until the trial in his case has been finished".

In the case of Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh he was never called before a tribunal or tried so was never excommunicated or deposed by any Orthodox Authority over him. Thus he remained the canonical Archbishop of the American Church until his death in July 1966.

Numerous other canons have been violated by Schismatic jurisdictions (SCOBA) and are documented by their own writings. These writings prove their claims are false and are attacks on a long dead canonical Orthodox Bishop as a means of attempting to discredit Abp. Ofiesh and his Church then and now and to make them appear to be honorable christians.

According to the Canons of the Orthodox Church the original schismatics continued to associate and pray with each other thus all deposing each other according to the canons.

Their Lies

They claim Abp. Ofiesh retired, then deposed himself then claim Bp. Sophronios attempted to suspend his Archbishop contrary to the canons.

They claim they do not recognize the American Church because the Archbishop married but fail to explain why they failed to recognize the American sister Church from 1927 until 1933 and why in 1929 the Greek Abp. of Noth and South America claimed that he and not Abp. Ofiesh was over all Orthodox in North America - without canonical authority to make such a claim. This claim was the dated act of schism and the other jurisdictions went along with that claim and ignored the American Church and its canonical clergy.

We denounce all as Schismatic who go along with these acts of schism and proclaim that by their faith, sacraments and interactions have deposed themseves according to the canons they claim to follow and uphold.