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Our Roots:

Here they state: Our Independent jurisdiction was founded by our first American Patriarch of this jurisdiction Saint Christopher Maria (Stanley) and our now Beloved Patriarch, Mar +Markus I.(Miller) in 1964. Who Incorporated this jurisdiction under different name. They then claim to be THEOCACNA under a different name and claim Abp. Aftmios founded this Church. They then claim to have our lines of Apostolic Succession but do not. Propheta was not in lines from THEOCACNA!

Saint Christopher Maria (Stanley) was Patriarch from 1964 to 1967.


THEOCACNA was Chartered in 1927, under a the name "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America" - THEOCACNA and Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh, a Russian Archbishop, was not the founder of the Church. He was appointed first Archbishop of the Church.

The Orthodox-Catholic succession is by way of Saint +Christopher Maria (Stanley) OSB and His Eminence Mar +Apriam I, (Richard B.+Morrill,OSB) who had the Apostolic Succession of Most Rev. +Walter Propheta, D.D.OSB of The America Orthodox Catholic Church in NY in the 1960's.

Our now Beloved Patriarch Mar +Markus I. and Saint +Christopher Maria, began this Jurisdiction with a small group of concerned Orthodox and Catholics that perceived that there was a great need for an expression of authentic Catholic, Orthodox spirituality and community life that was Independent (Autocephalous) of all major jurisdictions. They sought to provide a necessary alternative for the many people who were being excluded because of their views.

PLEASE NOTE: Archbishop Walter Myron Propheta, OSB was one of the great leaders in the Independent/Autocephalous movement of catholic faith communities. The legacy he left after his death in the 1970's is one of service, of faith and belief, of devotion and of upholding the truths of Orthodoxy and the authenticity of true Catholicism. The American Orthodox Catholic Church under the leadership of Propheta took shape in 1962 after he left the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He sought to build a community of faith to serve the people of America while remaining true to his ethnic Orthodox heritage. The AOCC became incorporated in the State of New York in 1965. After incorporation the Church grew and flourished, reaching too many countries. Upon Archbishop Propheta's death, the Bishops and Priests he and his assistant Bishops either consecrated or ordained and others, went their own ways or they died, the AOCC gradually slipped into a state of dormancy.

Our current Patriarch, Mar +Markus I being one of the last living active clergymen, of the Prophetas succession, set forth and re-incorporated this jurisdiction herein as:

The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc.
(Independent Jurisdiction) in 1974
And is not part of any other jurisdiction.

NOTE: On Oct. 12th 2008 we became part of The Reformed Catholic Church.