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Regarding the Greek Church in North America and the Archbishops claim of supreme authority in the New World supported by the Ecumenical Patriarch's silence.

In 1929 Abp. Alexander from the Greek Archdiocese claimed he had authority over all Orthodox in America but there was no canonical basis for such a claim. We are the American Church! By his silence we believe then Ecumenical Patriarch, Basil III, approved and supported this claim.

Note that we do not make this up. It is published on Orthodoxwiki by Antiochian clergy. They publish a number of pages attacking this Church and our clergy of blessed memory as well as us today. Much of our complaint is based on this published material.

We view this claim by Abp. Alexander to be the beginning of the Schism in American Orthodoxy. This is documented in the writings of those ethnic Orthodox who operate Orthodoxwiki on the internet as mentioned elsewhere in this complaint.



Schism Decree