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Regarding the Russian Church - Moscow Patriarch, item #3

A. We were abandoned by our Mother Church, Moscow.

B. Our Cathedral was taken by court action which also violated the canons since they state you shall not go to the ruler or emperor (in the U.S. the courts). c. 30 of 85c

C. In 1970 a second Church was established to take over our canonical jurisdiction by our Mother Church. The canons state that 2 bishops cannot co-exist in one region.

We understand that many Orthodox also violate canon CLXXXIII of the 102 canons.

Remember that the canons do state that whoever honors a bishop will be honored by God.

Established in 1927 Abp. Ofiesh had no help from any of the Orthodox except the Russian Church who had the canonical authority to establish the American Church. By 1932 no Orthodox in American would assist or work with the American Church. They took our clergy without the required letters, even our suspended clergy. Seems our clergy, property and members (our assets) were Orthodox by we were not considered worthy! The Metropolia even went to court and took the Cathedral from this Church yet the Russian Synod had drafted the Constitution for this Church, again according to the published report on orthodoxwiki.

1. We were canonically established.
2. We continue as the same church today.
3. Our identity is legally and morally
documented. The actions both to ignore and to attack this Church can be and are clearly unchristian acts and claims for the most part by the so called ethnic clergy from jurisdictions in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarch that we do not exist as well as the continued claims against Abp. Ofiesh and Bp. Sophronius must end.