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Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch and to the Russian Patriarch, Moscow Patriarchate.
Dated April 14, 2009

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America was established by Charter of the Synod of Bishops in North America of the Moscow Patriarchate on Feb 2, 1927 and incorporated in 1928. We are that Church.

We are not recognized by the Orthodox Jurisdictions in North America. We are lied about by the clergy of these jurisdictions. We view their actions as unchristian.

WE HOPE FOR THE OPPORTUNITY FOR RECONCILIATION... but we will not deny who we are or our history.

Because of the problems over the years and the continued attacks on Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh, first Archbishop of this Church, the North American Holy Synod declared him to be a Martyr for the Faith with the title of Martyr and Confessor of America.

The following decree was issued by the North American Holy Synod over 18 months ago. It was issued against the "ethnic orthodox jurisdictions in North America".

As a small Orthodox Church whose growth was blocked by these sister churches since we were established we do not seek much.


We ask for our identity being recognized - as the one true American Orthodox Catholic Church that was canonically established by the American Synod under Abp. Platon on Feb 2, 1927. Also as stated by the other orthodox in North America that our Constitution was in fact prepared in detail by the Metropolia.

We do not seek membership in SCOBA for a few reasons. It will take sometime to be able to deal properly with those who have attacked us for years and even with your recognition they will most likely continue to ignore us.

Patriarch Nikon also requests no punishment be allowed against any Orthodox clergy who might care to join this Church. He seeks true Orthodox priests and bishops to help this Church grow and to help direct the traditional methods of handling the day to day affairs of the Church. A couple of our clergy think, from time to time, that they alone know what is true and orthodox while the Patriarch feels they are acting in an unorthodox manner.

Below is a copy of the decree issued over 18 months ago in case you do not find the copy that shoud be in your files.

Abp. Victor Former Metropolitan and Archivist

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Also known as The American Orthodox Catholic Church

Does hereby issue this

Canonical Decree

by the North American Holy Synod American Orthodox Patriarchate

Be it known to all men

By the Authority of this Patriarchate The North American Holy Synod has declared that the ethnic orthodox jurisdictions in North America, who on or after Feb.. 2, 1927 refused and failed to recognize this Church as a canonical sister Church, who acted to attack, harm, destroy, defame or in any way to prevent this Church from carrying out is intended ministry within our canonical jurisdiction were party to An act of Schism against American Orthodoxy and such acts violated the Sacred and Divine Canons.


1. This Church was canonically established and Chartered on Feburary 2, 1927 and incorporated on Feb. 1, 1928. As such this Church was, and is, entitled to the same honor and respect that other Othodox Churches and jurisdictions seek and demand.

2. That the Ecumenical Patriarch during this time directed his clergy to ignore this Church and to act to prevent its growth.

3. That Archbishop Alexander of the Greek Archdiocese in New York claimed leadership over all Orthodox in North America in 1929.

4. That Bishop Germanos of the Syrian Antiochian Church came to North America without official authority to raise funds, steal parishes, members and clergy which he did and in violation of the canons.

5. That the ethnic jurisdictions in North America did act in concert against this Church to do whatever they deemed necessary to destroy this Church even to go so far as to violate the canons.

6. That the Ecumenical Patriarch, Basil III and his successors have falsely denied this Church based on financial greed, a desire to head the next American Church and to protect themselves from the outward appearance of wrongdoing in any manner in connection with this Church.

7. That the Russian Church, who was our mother Church, acted Schismatically by establishing the OCA in 1970 as the successor to this Church after they had turned their backs on this Church.

8. That all ethnic pre-SCOBA jurisdictions did violate the canons and did commit Schism by their actions against this Church.

9. That SCOBA consists of the Schmatics involved and is a group aimed at establishing the new schismatic American Church.

+ + + + +

It shall also be noted that all acts of Schism against American Orthodoxy were intentionally against this Church, that this Church never ceased or was closed down in any legal, canonical or moral manner.

2. That Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh was never suspended, deposed, defrocked, excommunicated or in any other way removed from Office as head of this Church.

THEREFORE The North American Holy Synod formally declares that all individuals and jurisdictions party to the Schism against this Church and American Orthodoxy are declared as directed by the Sacred Canons - Clergy are declared deposed and laity are declared excommunicated - from the begining of this Schism. We declare this Decree in full force and effect against All those who have ever, since we were Chartered, attacked this Church in any manner as mentioned in this decree.

It is also declared that no one bishop may claim to lift or remove this decree since the canons require the bishop or synod issuing a decree or their successor must remove the decree. No Schismatic bishop or Synod may canonically act in our stead and none is our canonical successor.

- - - - -

Signed and dated at the Patriarchate
this the Sixth Day of August, 2007.

His Beatitude Nikon`
American Orthodox Patriarchate

His Eminence Leland
Metropolitan of North & South America

His Eminence John
Metropolitan of the British Isles and Western Europe

Archbishop Victor
Retired Metropolitan

His Grace Joseph
Bishop of the Western United States

Diocese of Michigan