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Established by Canonical Charter Feb. 2, 1927

Also known as
The American Orthodox Catholic Church

Does hereby issue the following document on the

Schism in American Orthodoxy

1. This Church was canonically established and Chartered on Feburary 2, 1927 and incorporated on Feb. 1, 1928. As such this Church was, and is, entitled to the same honor and respect that other orthodox churches and jurisdictions seek and demand.

By what canonical authority and right does any other orthodox jurisdiction or clergy have to attack, defame, make undocumented and unfounded charges against a long dead canonical bishop? By what canonical right does one jurisdiction or many working together have to act to destroy another canonical jurisdiction, to pubish they no longer exist when they legally and morally do, and to be rewarded by writing papers towards their degree full of source materials based on assumptions without fact?

Be aware that they fear this Church and the fact it continues today. We attempted to publish a page about THEOCACNA/AOCC on Orthodoxwiki and Fr Stephen who has credited himself on that site with a thesis and other such writings as "sources" for their claims. Fr Stephen sent a welcome email and showed he deleted the article! He and his fellow ethnic schismatic clergy can publish their false history but denied us, a canonically established Orthodox Church the right to write our true facts that conflict with their unproven guesswork. These so called Orthodox Christians will go to any length to protect their claims.

2. That the Ecumenical Patriarch during this time directed his clergy to ignore this Church and to act to prevent its growth. One such action against this Church is #3.

3. That Archbishop Alexander of the Greek Archdiocese in 1929 New York claimed, without any canonical authority leadership over all Orthodox in North America.

Published on Orthodoxwiki

*Early in 1929, Aftimios attempted to gain support with the Greek archbishop Alexander (Demoglou), the first primate of the newly formed Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America. The archbishop's response was that he had authority over not only all the Greek Orthodox in America but over all Orthodox Christians in America - Our canonical jurisdiction.

4. That Bishop Germanos of the Syrian Antiochian Church came to North America without official authority to raise funds, steal parishes, members and clergy which he did and in violation of the canons.

Bishop of questionable repute

The American Church was under attack from within orthodoxy even before it was formally instituted. In 1919 a list of over 100 pages consisting of charges against Bishop Germanos was sent to the Patriarch of Antioch and the synod but no action was taken. Why? It would appear Bp. Germanos was a good fundraiser for the Antiochian Patriarch Gregorios. The Patriarch sent an apology to the Russian Patriarch and that was that. No action was taken against the bishop who violated the canons.

In an effort to destroy this Church they even went to court, which also violate the canons, and took the Cathedral of this Church from Abp. Aftimios and this Church. He no longer had the heart to fight them even after his lawyer advised him they could win and regain the Church. They were money hungry then and they continue this way in many cases today.

The cause of orthodox disunity in North America today is and has been greed and a quest for power. Greed for money and property seem to top this list. They are ashamed to face this Church. They continue to act contary to the canons but they claim to be canonical traditional orthodox. "They" know who they are and you, the reader should also know. They are not compassionate christians but are wolves in sheeps clothing. They lay claims to everyone and everything. They are the canonical old world orthodox and they are the pseudo independent orthodox in the "new world" who make false claims based on lies, and claims, that they know are false. For years they have had their clergy and laity write books where they are shown in a good light but Archbishop Ofiesh is condemned...yet he had no trial, no tribual was called and no formal charges made against him.

So by what Orthodox authority are the following claims made since no such charges were made against the Archbishop. Since when does a priest have the authorty to make such charges on his own behalf? Or is he acting for his bishop or metropolitan?

+ + + + +

published on Orthodoxwiki

1. Abp. Aftimios deposed himself by his marriage

2. Abp. Aftimios retired to marry

3. Abp. Aftimios was suspended by Bp. Sophronius, ad act that violates the canons. If he went around acting contrary to the canons why was he buried next to St. Raphael in Antiochian Vilage?

4. His widow, Mariam, claimed Aftimios did not retire and that he fully intended to act as a married bishop.

5. Bp. Sophronius congratulated the couple on their marriage when they returned home from Niagra Falls.

6. Bps Joseph and Ignatius stated publicly that the canon on married bishops was a european and asiatic canon that had no bearing on the American Church.

It should be mentioned here that Orthodoxwiki only publishes the one sided history as the want to present it even when it is untrue and undocumented.

+ + + + + + +

Question: Do you know which Orthodox Church leader, in more recent times, allowed a priest to remarry contrary to the same Sacred and Divine Canons? Do you know if any charges were made or a tribunal was called? For your answer read "Widowed Priest", may be available from Light & Life.

There are very few good compassionate true orthodox clergy in North America today. Only those not devoured by greed and lust for all that they can get can be viewed as true orthodox. As long as they knowingly act contrary to the canons they claim to love and live by they will continue to be the cause of orthodox disunity.

5. That the ethnic jurisdictions in North America did act in concert against this Church to do whatever they deemed necessary to destroy this Church even to go so far as to violate the canons.

6. That the Ecumenical Patriarch, Basil III and his successors have falsely denied this Church in an effort to destroy it based on financial greed, a desire to head the next American Church and to protect themselves from the outward appearance of wrongdoing in any manner in connection with this Church.

7. That the Russian Church, who was our mother Church, acted Schismatically by establishing the OCA in 1970 as the successor to this Church after they had turned their backs on this Church.

8. That all ethnic pre-SCOBA jurisdictions did violate the canons and did commit Schism by their actions against this Church.

9. That SCOBA consists of the Schmatics involved and is a group aimed at establishing the new schismatic American Church.

+ + + + +

It shall also be noted that all acts of Schism against American Orthodoxy were intentionally against this Church, that this Church never ceased or was closed down in any legal, canonical or moral manner.

2. That Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh was never suspended, deposed, defrocked, excommunicated or in any other way removed from Office as head of this Church.

THEREFORE The North American Holy Synod formally declares that all individuals and jurisdictions party to the Schism against this Church and American Orthodoxy are declared as directed by the Sacred Canons - Clergy are declared deposed and laity are declared excommunicated - from the begining of this Schism. We declare this Decree in full force and effect against All those who have ever, since we were Chartered, attacked this Church in any manner as mentioned in this decree.

It is also declared that no one bishop may claim to lift or remove this decree since the canons require the bishop or synod issuing a decree or their successor must remove the decree. No Schismatic bishop or Synod may canonically act in our stead and none is our canonical successor.

- - - - -

The Decree of Schism was signed by the North American Holy Synod of the American Orthodox Catholic Church (THEOCACNA) at the Patriarchate this the Sixth Day of August, 2007.

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