Then I read how L.A. spent over a million dollars for the Michael Jackson memorial. Why? That money could be been put to better use to provide help to the poor.

It seems our elected officials are a sorry lot who are only interested in lining their own pockets! They have all these agencies that should try to help people but instead make life miserable for people.

The government has homes sitting empty for years while they fall apart and refuse to help the homeless.

It costs in salaries and all more to process a food stamp application than the $10 a month they offer many people.

Congress raid the Social Security accounts back in, I believe, the carter Administration days and claimed there was;

A) a surplus of funds

B) that Social Security would never go broke

C) That congress would replace the money they took if it were ever needed.

Where did they expect to get that money to replace what they took?

Why is Congress exempt from paying into Social Security? Maybe because they are the few who collect their full salary as their retirement package. (Maybe they should pass a law that everyone gets to collect their full salay as a pension.)

Maybe its time to get the politicans out of office and put real people who care in office. How about low income people being elected who do not spend millions for their campaign.

+ + + + +

Maybe its past time to make some changes.

Lets get a letter writing campaign goint to all our elected officials that they either pay into Social Security.

It would be better for the public to get some of the following on the future ballots.

1. The people vote on pay increases and the amount -
cost of living

No higher raises shall be allowed, no 50% or 100% raises that congress presently likes to vote themselves and the president (last presidential raise was from $200,000. to $400,000.

Campaign reforms:

Limited campaign period such as 30 or 60 days prior to the election.

Spending limits, only so many ads allowed on TV and radio.

Fundraising limits since it appears they back those who make the big donations.

No corporate donations

Lets take America back and lets help Americans instead of sitting back being kept poor while these elected officials send our money overseas and rack up hugh debts that we cannot make good in the next 25 years.

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