As we get older we start losing those around us more frequently. As a child I remember when I heard of the death of my grandfather, then TV and movie stars like Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart how sad it made me feel.

I still remember when Pope Pius XII died and in those days we did not see live TV from the Vatican - all on tape. I recall the death of President Kennedy, the Chicago 7 and the folk music that was popular when I came home from the Army.

Then over the years as my Aunts and Uncles would die. On my fathers side of the family all have passed away. My dad died Christmas night 1997. On my mothers side of the family my 1 uncle died in a motor vehicle accident in 1971 and my mother died in 2000. A couple aunts and uncles by marriage have also died over the years but the rest of my mothers brothers and sisters are still with us.

Since I am a Country Music and early (pre-beetles) Rock fan I feel sad when I think of the early deaths of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. How Ricky Nelson of the Ozzie & Harriet Show who became a well known singer died in a plane crash on New Years eve or day.

In our line of work we are expected to deal with death. We know the questions and answers. But when we see a 25 year old TV show and the actors were so healthy we fail at times to remember the years that have passed us by.

I guess I am an old softy at heart. I do not like to see family and friends, people I know, Actors and singers who have entertained me over the years die.

Maybe it's because I understand the Spiritual nature of death I send out prayer requests for so many, and probably some need all our prayers. As I get older and those around me also age as I do I am able to accept these deaths.

Then I read how L.A. spent over a million dollars for the Michael Jackson memorial. Why? That money could be been put to better use to provide help to the poor.

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