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I do not claim this is a message from God or the like, but I state this feeling has been getting stronger that I need to make this statement. I feel this is an inspired statement.

DO NOT watch these televangelists on any TV channel or on radio. I have no regular TV to watch (antenna not working) so I usually keep the dish box (not active) on the free channels - mainly Chinese news but I will watch Highway to Heaven in the afternoon when I am home - on the Insp. Channel. These guys keep coming up with various claims that GOD wants you to tithe to their ministries, amounts you know you cannot afford and they claim when you tithe to them you will get this back many times over. I have yet to see this - on occasion someone will benefit but that would have happened if they gave money to a TV ministry or not.

Tithe is meant for the local church you attend to keep it running, not for the likes of some character on TV to pay for his air time and his fancy homes and cars.

Jim Baker and his present wife are selling food packages like the military MRE's and a disc to put on your cell phone or microwave to prevent all the radiation from causing brain cancer. They also want your $5000 tithe to help them buy new TV camera's.

Many Messianic Jews and others seek a set amount or anything you can send for this or that. Are you a member of their group? If you plan to tithe do it to your local church congregation.

We do not generally ask for tithes or pressure anyone to help us as we feel God must guide you individually. One of our Church directors sent us a tithe to help us pay one of our utility bills as we almost had the electric shut off. We are still behind on some bills due to a financial crunch caused by some tenants not paying the rent as promised and damage they did to the apartments. One of the clergy also send a check to be applied towards the bills.

There are a couple items I need - a new cassock ($210) since mine is over 15 years old, a couple clergy shirts and an Orthodox Cross or Panagia set (bishops pendant set) that is occasionally sold on sale for under about $350. I always seem to find other things that are more necessary when I have the funds and my nature is to help others when I can. Often later to find out it was not appreciated.

Please be careful and do not be taken in by these TV characters. They sound good but that in itself does not make them good people. I still recall the TV investigative report done on Oral Roberts after he started going off the deep end with his comments like the time "God would take him "home" if he did not raise so many millions of dollars" - he recently died in his 90's I believe. His little cottage home was actually an estate in Tulsa valued, many years ago, at over a million dollars. It sat on over an acre, maybe a few acres, with high wrought iron fence around it. And it was the only time I recall Oral being camera shy - since he did not have control over the news cameras like he did the cameras on his program.