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To: Pope Benedict XVI
Subject: Time to correct the Churches position 


It appears you have forgotten to be a compassionate "priest" and instead are allowing your advisors to give you the appearance of a big businessman who is above the law by stating you cannot be forced into court.

At this time this is a very wrong message to send to the general public and the Church members around the world.

The fact you will not testify in court should have been low key not headlines. When the time came the Church attorneys would have already and in a more quiet manner pointed this out to the Court and the attorneys.

Also the "claim" that the Church is making the victims victims a second time is bad for the Church.

The newspapers state the Church is losing large numbers of members in Germany because of all this. Its past time for damage control. You must turn this around and get some different advisors. Many of these claims should be beyond the statute of limitations and your attorneys need to locate such loopholes to protect the Church while many of the priests died years ago or are older and are or should be retired.

I have many friends who state the church needs to institute the Latin mass on a more regular basis and not leave it up to the local bishops since many do not offer the Latin mass and it is wanted. The vestmenst need to be the Roman or Fiddleback style for the Latin mass and it needs to make a comeback to save the Church.

Archbishop Victor